Trolls are Body-Shaming Lucy Hale for ‘Too Skinny’ Instagram Post

Trolls are Body-Shaming Lucy Hale for ‘Too Skinny’ Instagram Post
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It might have been Thanksgiving break last week, but that didn’t stop the internet trolls from focusing their attention on Lucy Hale‘s body. On Saturday, the 28-year-old actress was viciously body-shamed for an Instagram picture that several internet bullies deemed “too skinny.”

The photo showed the “Pretty Little Liars” star standing in her closet in blue jeans and a black t-shirt tied at her waist. Though the picture didn’t include a caption, trolls found a lot to talk about, particularly regarding her body.

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The body-shamers primarily used words like “so thin” and “too skinny” to describe the actress, speculating that she could be in poor health because of her weight. The shamers also accused Hale of losing weight rapidly and asked her to “eat something” to bulk up. A few of the comments included:

“Please eat something baby girl 💖 ur so beautiful but you look so skinny.”

“Woow you really lost weight. I’ve been watching #PLL all 7 seasons in just 1 month and Im not used seeing you that slim.”

“Nooo too skinny 😦 you’re so beautiful but that doesn’t look healthy.”

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As of yet, Hale hasn’t responded to the body-shamers—nor should she feel the need to. Body-shaming is never OK, something that seems especially pertinent given that Hale has suffered from an eating disorder in the past and has spoken out about the danger of calling people “thin” and “anorexic.”

No one knows better about Hale’s health than her, so body-shamers, keep your comments to yourself and stop speculating. Please.

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