What Is ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’? The Meaning of TikTok’s Favorite Manifestation Technique

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What Is ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’? The Meaning of TikTok’s Favorite Manifestation Technique
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Feeling lucky today? I hope so, because the latest trend in “New-Age” spirituality that is taking TikTok by storm is overflowing with good fortune.  Based on the outpouring of videos that are popping up on your feed each day, it seems like this wave has just begun. If you’re a believer in manifestation and a lover of the Law of Attraction, you should stick around to find out the meaning of Lucky Girl Syndrome and how you can use it to better your life.

As we’ve seen with the Law of Attraction gaining popularity, as well the Law of Assumption, affirmation work and many other manifestation-based techniques, Lucky Girl Syndrome is nothing out of the ordinary. However, the difference here is that embracing Lucky Girl Syndrome is very straightforward process. All you have to do is simply believe that you’re lucky, saying and behaving like you are the luckiest girl on the planet.

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, you manifest your reality every single day and your mindset has a lot to do with the way you perceive your reality. If you want to hope on the ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ train, here’s everything you need to know about this easy and highly effective manifestation technique:

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What Is ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’?

If you haven’t already seen TikTok creators use the hashtag #luckygirlsyndrome, the trend has now gained over 80 million views and gives viewers tips, tricks and insights into how to use this new mindset shift to start living their luckiest life. Life Coach Rachelle Indra discusses the neuroscience behind ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’, explaining the reticular activating system in our brain (RAS for short) that helps us process the information and stimuli around us. Each day, the RAS asks us what we want to focus on, and when we are feeding our brain the same information (“I am so lucky”, “life is always working out in my favor”, “I am peaceful”), it will naturally start to look for that information in your brain. In other words, if you keep calling yourself lucky, you’ll eventually rewire your thoughts and cultivate experiences that align with these affirmations in your daily life. 

If you keep calling yourself lucky, you’ll eventually rewire your thoughts and cultivate experiences that align with these affirmations.

However, there is a necessity for inclusiveness with this new trend. As many TikTokers have noted, this practice can come off as extremely ableist, racist and classist, failing to take into consideration that everyone has been dealt a very different hand of cards at this blackjack table that we call life. It can create the erroneous understanding that everyone has the same access to wealth, abundance and opportunity, whether you consider yourself lucky or not. To be blunt—’Lucky Girl Syndrome’ may not pan out equally for everyone.

When promoting the concept of Lucky Girl Syndrome, it is best to avoid invalidating other people’s experiences by leaning into a state of “toxic positivity,” as this is actually in opposition to the fundamental laws of manifestation. Thinking that everyone can change their circumstances simply by affirming and believing they are lucky is not the end-all be-all, but it is a great tool to shift one’s mindset and start to see the benefits all around you. Rather than being a form of manifesting all together, Lucky Girl Syndrome is a supportive tool to help you manifest what your heart desires. So with that subtext, make note that Lucky Girl Syndrome, like all practices, should be used in tandem with putting in the effort, taking action and engaging with both your reality and the reality of those around you. 

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Why Is ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ So Popular Right Now?

Because I’m an astrologer, it comes as no surprise that ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ is currently trending on TikTok. Right now, we are dealing with Jupiter—planet of luck, expansion and good fortune—in the sign of Aries. As a cardinal fire sign, Aries energy favors the bold and will positively bless those who are taking action and moving the needle forward. Even something as simple as saying “I am so lucky” is a step in the right direction of making actionable change. However, as noted above, aligning your words and your actions is where you are going to truly start to change your life. You are rewiring the foundation of your reality by integrating a new recurring thought into your life. As M.K. Ghandi said, “your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

Even something as simple as saying ‘I am so lucky’ is a step in the right direction of making actionable change.

With Saturn—planet of karma and discipline—making preparations to enter Pisces on March 7, we, as a collective, are gearing up for spiritual awakening, as this transit calls on us to find balance between our dreams and reality. Those who allow the line between what they want and what they desire to blur—while integrating a healthy dose of common sense and rationality—will be the most highly favored. Saturn in Pisces will be rebalancing the sea of stimuli that we have all felt swept away by during it’s nearly 2.5 year transit through tech-heavy Aquarius. The message here is to live and let others live peacefully.

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How Can ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ Transform Your Life?

Can ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ help us during these tough times? Has ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ gained popularity as a result of the current astrology? As an astrologer, my answer is as cryptic as Pisces energy itself: there is no coincidence that Lucky Girl Syndrome is trending right now. Consider that Uranus—planet of shake ups and big changes—sitting in earthly, stubborn and luxurious Taurus, encouraging us to ask for more. Plus, the sun and Pluto are currently conjunct one another, joining forces in money and accolade hungry Capricorn. As we watch women sitting in front of slot machines, sipping cocktails and recording themselves for TikTok while reciting “I am so lucky” on a loop until they pan their camera over to the hundreds of dollars that they just won, it makes sense with the planetary energy at play. People are witnessing a global economic downturn while feeling more optimistic than ever before about their personal finances. The fascinating contradiction is not lost on me.

And to what degree do we want to encourage or discourage this trend? Can we, as a collective, start to believe that things are working in our favor even if the present moment may look slightly more gray than the future that we believe is waiting for us? Is there truly any harm in thinking that life was working out for you?

If ignorance is bliss in this case, we can point to the fact that Neptune—planet of illusions, dreams and psychic receptivity—is currently transiting dreamy and romantic Pisces. Right now, there is no reason to do anything but allow our dreams to run absolutely wild, and “LGS” helps us do just that. With Mars—planet of forward momentum and action—coming out of its frustrating retrograde period (October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023) we will now want to be witty and curious with the steps that we take.

The moral of this lucky little story? If you’re willing to stay grounded in your reality and remain aware of the limitations present in other people’s realities, you should always give yourself permission to think big. Through Lucky Girl Syndrome, you can rewire your belief system so you are not leaning into “toxic positivity” culture, but truly, from the bottom of your bones, committed to believing that life is working out for you and that there are opportunities for improvement in each moment. The current astrology supports this notion!

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