11 Low-Maintenance Outfits to Try This Weekend

11 Low-Maintenance Outfits to Try This Weekend
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There’s something so freeing about dressing for the weekend, when you don’t have to worry about office dress codes or rushing out the door to make it to work on time.

And while the weather might not be ideal for lazy days in the park or strolling city streets, the cold temps mean you can bundle up in the kind of clothes that are almost as cozy as staying in bed all day.

Click through the slideshow to see 11 outfit ideas that will have you counting down the hours ’till freedom. TGIF.

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White jeans are a less-expected alternative to your staple black skinnies—and, paired with a beret, look très Parisienne.

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Throw on a fur (faux or otherwise), and you can pretty much get away with wearing your pajamas to brunch.

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A striped dress with plenty of stretch is a sure bet for the pants-averse.

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The Canadian tuxedo is a classic, but the real beauty here is in the accessories: The hat covers up second- (or third-, or fourth-) day hair, while the scarf shields you from whatever brutal winds Mother Nature throws your way.

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Modernize a '90s grunge-girl look with a tailored jacket and low-heel boots.

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If you're going to be Instagramming your weekend activities, you should probably be wearing a jacket that's up to the task. Plus, the mini bag is a welcome choice for when you don't have to lug around your usual work tote.

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Ponchos are divisive, sure, but they're also the closest you can get to wearing your blanket out of the house on a Sunday morning without attracting stares.

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The three tenets of off-duty dressing: layer, layer, and layer some more.

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Cropped wide-leg pants can be your friend in winter, too: Just be sure to add a pair of warm tights and some sturdy shoes.

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Comfort doesn't have to mean wearing all black and gray. Mustard-hued pants are easy to wear—promise!—and twice as fun.

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What's that, you say? We'll pry your heels from your cold, dead hands? OK, well at least throw on some denim and a cozy fleece coat so you don't make the rest of us look too shlubby.

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