More Women than You Think Struggle with Low Libido

low libido women study
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Libido isn’t a glamorous topic. Even the word itself sounds clinical and unsexy—especially when it comes after “low.” A stunted sex drive is something many of us associate with long-term marriage, aging, or certain prescription drugs like antidepressants, but the truth is that it affects far more women—and at younger ages—than you might realize. In a new survey of 2,501 women ages 21 through 49, a full 48 percent reported a declining sex drive, according to the American Sexual Health Association.

The findings also hint at the fact that many women don’t do much to address a flagging sex drive, even though it has a negative effect on their lives. 93 percent of those surveyed believe low libido can put a strain on relationships, and 46 percent believe it’s already putting theirs at risk. Possibly even worse, 81 percent of women in relationships say they’ll have sex with their partner even if they’re not in the mood.

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Bummer, right? But also, maybe, sometimes, just a fact of life? If you’re telling yourself that, you’re not alone. 67 percent of women feel that low sexual desire in women isn’t taken seriously as a problem, and 77 percent think there needs to be a more open, honest discussion of the topic in our culture and media. In other words, women probably don’t feel especially comfortable or excited about telling people or looking for a solution. 86 percent of those polled weren’t even aware that treatments for low libido exist.

If you’re facing this issue, you don’t have to resign yourself to a low sex-driven fate. Sure, you can’t always be perfectly in sync and in the mood whenever your S.O. is—and vice versa! But if your sex life has fallen into a pattern of get ‘er done, roll over, rinse, and repeat, you don’t have to settle for that.

Here are a few strategies, straight from sex therapists, to help you pinpoint what could be at the root of your “meh” attitude in bed. And if those don’t work, you could always try reaching out to your healthcare provider or these sex drive-amping tips from our porn star columnist, Jessica Drake. Either way, know that if sex is something you’d like to lust after, and enjoy when you have it, you have options, and don’t have to dwell forever in the land of, “Hey babe, are you almost done?”

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