Are Love Is Blind’s Barnett & Amber Still Together After That Wild Finale Wedding?

Love Is Blind, Season 1: Amber, Barnett
Photo: Netflix.

Warning: Love Is Blind, season 1 spoilers ahead. Those who have seen Love Is Blind‘s season 1 finale may be wondering where the cast is now. Does Jessica’s dog still drink wine? Is Nick Lachey still obviously Nick Lachey? And are Love Is Blind‘s Barnett and Amber still together despite him almost leaving her at the alter on their wedding day? We don’t know the answer to the first two questions (yes, even the Nick Lachey one), but we do know where Barnett and Amber’s relationship stands more than a year after they tied the knot in front of friends, family and producers in Love Is Blind‘s bonkers finale.

As viewers remember, Barnett and Amber “met” in The Pods on Love Is Blind‘s first episode where they bonded over dirty jokes. They didn’t know what each other looked like at the time, but they knew they had a connection—at least Amber did. Barnett, on the other hand, was unsure between Amber, Jessica and LC. In the end, though, he chose Amber, and the two met face to face for the first time on their last day in The Pods.

Amber and Barnett’s relationship wasn’t easy though. Though their sex life sounded busy, the couple fought over Barnett’s family and Amber’s credit card and student loan debt that amounted to more than $20,000. Fast forward to the finale, and Barnett was unsure about Amber up until the moment she walked down the aisle. As she told viewers in the episode, Barnett was texting Amber about his cold feet the entire night before the two tied the knot. In the end, though, Barnett and Amber said their “I do’s” and became legally married. (For reals.)

Now, more than a year after Love Is Blind‘s finale (the cast first filmed the show in 2018), fans are curious if Barnett and Amber are still together. The answer? Yes! Cue the champagne popping. After the finale, both Amber and Barnett took to their Instagram accounts to post photos from their wedding and gush over their new spouses. “One of the craziest, most wonderful experiences of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. #loveisblind #loveiscrazy #loveisanadventure #takethatleap,” Barnett captioned a photo of him carrying Amber. Amber wrote over a similar photo: “Thanks for being there to catch me when I fell…. and making sure I was laughing the whole way down even though it makes me look like a lunatic lol .”

The couple also gave an update about their married lives to The Los Angeles Times. Amber said, “We’re kind of working backwards in the marriage and taking the pressure off. We have the commitment, and now we’re taking time to have fun and be together like a normal couple would take time with an apartment before they got a house together.”