Love At First Bite: The Vampire Co-Star Connection

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Love At First Bite: The Vampire Co-Star Connection
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What is it about a guy with fangs that drives the girls (and his female co-stars) crazy? Is it any coincidence that some of the hottest couples in Hollywood got their start on the sets of vampirecentric movies and TV shows?

Sure, we get the whole “I’m a moody, broody bad boy” vibe these actors work for our benefit, but you’d think most actresses would be immune to powers of good lighting and calculated scripting and the packaging that goes into selling us, the viewer, the idea that these guys are a sexy fantasy with pointy teeth — not the dude that played second fiddle in Harry Potter, or acted kind of wussy before and AFTER he bit the dust on Lost.

And while we remain fascinated with the vampires we adore and the girls who love them, they in turn seem to resent the constant attention. In fact, these same actors and actresses (Kristen Stewart we’re talkin’ about you) often gripe about the immense speculation that goes on about their relationships. (Hey, we didn’t ask to be a part of your relationship — nobody said you had to hook up with that sparkly guy you share screen time with.) Is it our fault that your awkwardness and lack of chemistry onscreen leaves us wondering if you’re not comfortable in your relationship in real life? Or, if there ARE amazing sparks in front of the camera should we feel at all uncomfortable as we watch you both strip down from the comfort of our own homes? Nobody is screaming “Cut!” on our end, so the lines YOU feel are so clearly defined sort of blur for the rest of us.

Ultimately, it leaves TV viewers and movie fans feeling a bit like voyeurs when it’s all said and done. We can’t quit watching, but at the same time, we can’t quit analyzing too. Are you OK with your wife getting naked with another guy? Does it bother you that there’s posters of your boyfriend in tween bedrooms all over the world? What happens to our favorite show if you decide to break up?

You asked us to invite you into our homes and we did. Forgive us if we get too personal and cross the line between bloody good fun and ghoulish fascination.

(Flip through the slideshow above to see some of our favorite vamp pairings and which ones keep us coming back for more!)

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Bill and Sookie (True Blood): Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer's real-life romance sort of came as a shocker when they finlly came clean after Season 1 of the popular HBO True Blood series and admitted they were a couple. While we think Paquin has way better chemistry with co-star Alexander Skarsgard (Eric), we do give Moyer props for not freaking out every time his wife gets down and dirty with her oh-so-sexy costar. (Anna, you're seriously the luckiest girl in the world.)

Bella and Edward (Twilight): Awkward with a capital "A" is pretty much the only thing that comes to mind when we think of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hooking up on and off screen. Forget the lack of chemistry -- this super-private pair just seem totally uncomfortable around each other.

Damon and Elena (Vampire Diaries)"Soft porn" is a term we usually toss around when discussing this pair. We all knew something was up way before Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder finally 'fessed up about their offscreen romance. The sparks are so intense and the voyeur potential so addicting, we're constantly glued to our TV every Thursday night. (BTW, whoever does the casting for the show gets extra fan points for the mega-chemistry between Candice Accola/Caroline and Michael Trevino/Tyler.)

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