Fake-But-Funny ‘Love Actually 2’ Trailer Fills Us In On Where Each Character Is Now

Julie Gerstein

Ask practically any woman between the ages of 18 and 60, and she’ll tell you “Love Actually” is one of her favorite holiday movies. The 2003 film follows eight London-based interwoven characters in the month leading up to Christmas, as they navigate comically difficult romantic relationships. At the end of the film they’re all (mostly) better off than they were at the beginning. Now comes a new parody sequel that fills us in on what each character is doing 10 years later—using clips from all the other films and TV shows they’ve actually been in.

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In the parody, we learn what that adorable child actor who made his widowed father Liam Neeson follow his elementary school crush to the airport?  (Answer: He’s been on “Game of Thrones”).

The trailer features clips from more than two dozen of the films and TV shows that the original stars have appeared in, including “Harry Potter,” “Mad Men” “The Walking Dead” and “Domino” (all the footage of Keira Knightley writhing around comes from that one, in case you were  wondering.)

Take a peek and have a laugh!