2021’s Loungewear Trends Make Tie-Dye Sweats Look Sooo Basic

Bella Gerard
2021’s Loungewear Trends Make Tie-Dye Sweats Look Sooo Basic
Photo: Courtesy of Aerie. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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The tie-dye sweatsuit? Yeah, it had a good run. In July 2020, there was nothing I wanted more—and I’ve amassed quite the collection to prove it. That said, I can’t help but look at 2021’s loungewear trends and find myself wanting to buy even more sweats and hoodies. Anyone else?

While most of us are out and about a little more than we were a few months ago, plenty of us still spend our days working from home, and as winter weather kicks in, having cozy, cute loungewear is more important than ever before. Fortunately, there are a few key trends on the rise we can all shop to upgrade our stash of sweats.

What’s hip, you ask? The cool kids declare that leggings and joggers are out, and flared pants and old-school collegiate sweatpants are in, so let loose in some comfortable silhouettes. As for fabrics, viva la Juicy! Classic velour is back and better than ever, and its only competition is wintery waffle knit and fuzzy, fleecy materials a la the SKIMS Cozy Collection. Say what you want about Kim K, but the girl knows how to make some cute loungewear.

Below, I’ve rounded up all the top loungewear trends to start shopping, so read on for sweats, hoodies and even jumpsuits (leisure suits, as I like to call them, but not like the ones from the ’70s.) Don’t listen to the haters, babe—you can totally keep wearing loungewear 24/7. In fact, who knows if any of us will ever squeeze into a pair of too-tight jeans again?

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STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Juicy Couture.

Old-School Velour

With the revival of Juicy Couture’s early 2000s aesthetic comes the return of velour, and believe me, I’m not complaining! Luckily, Juicy Couture dropped an anniversary collection that’s nostalgic in all the right ways. BRB, snagging this velour hoodie so I can channel my inner Paris Hilton. (Pro tip: Nordstrom also carries JC plus sizes!)


STYLECASTER | 2021 Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Boncasa.

Waffle Knit

OK, I’ll credit Kim Kardashian for this one. Her SKIMS Waffle Collection took a fabric previously used exclusively for long johns and made it cool again. Now, waffle knit sets are everywhere. Anyone else suddenly craving breakfast? At a ski lodge?


STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of BP.

Collegiate Chic

Don’t worry, you can still wear those cute fitted joggers you bought last year, but don’t be afraid to dig up the old college sweats at the bottom of your pajama drawer—or buy a new pair inspired by the fit! Looser-fitting sweats in a classic unisex silhouette are in for a too-cool-to-care loungewear look.


STYLECASTER | 2021 Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Eloquii.

Sweatsuit Onesies

In this case, one is better than two! These oh-so-cozy loungewear jumpsuits make changing into comfy clothes way faster. Plus, they’re cute enough to actually wear out in the real world.


STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Richer Poorer.

All Neutral Everything

I said it once, and I’ll say it again: We’re taking a break from rainbow tie-dye. Neutral tie-dye is fine, but monochrome tans, creams and caramels are even better. Bonus points if you can rock all-brown without looking like a big piece of…chocolate.


STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Aerie.

Flared Pants

Oh yes, another sweatpants trend! Tight-to-the-ankle leggings have ruled for the past six or seven years, but Gen Z (cough, Emma Chamberlain, cough) has declared that flared pants are back in style. If you don’t want to buy a pair of PINK yoga pants just yet, ease your way back into the trend with these stylish cropped hip huggers from Aerie featuring a cool slit at the hem.


STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of SKIMS.

Fuzzy Feels

One more for SKIMS, and this time, it’s the fluffy, comfy Cozy Collection. Tons of brands have created loungewear ~inspired by~ this material, but Kardashian just expanded her original lineup to include a few cute new picks, like this ballerina-esque knit wrap top.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear trends

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