Totally Normal: Louis Vuitton Made a $9,000 Teddy Bear

Meghan Blalock

Dear Santa,
If you get us nothing else this Christmas—or for many, many Christmases to come—please be gracious enough to bestow upon us this monogrammed Louis Vuitton teddy bear, which costs only $9,000.
Thanks a ton,
The StyleCaster Editors

Yes, you read that right: there is a Louis Vuitton teddy bear, boasting the iconic LV monogram, up for grabs for an unbelievable $9,000. In case you’re in the market for comparison, we found a vintage Vuitton Speedy bag on Far Fetch for only $750. That means you could buy twelve of them for the same price of this little guy.

louis vuitton teddy bear

The reason for the incredibly high price tag? The bear—whose name, by the way, is DouDou—is a limited-edition piece, with only 500 made in total. Not only that, but DouDou is the only teddy bear the house of Louis Vuitton has ever produced. DouDou was initially included as part of Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2005 menswear collection, and now he’s back in a big way. (Thanks, Marc Jacobs!)

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At least he comes with a leather collar! Head to Toy Tokyo to shop the bear now—or at least copy the link so you can include it on your holiday wishlist.

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