Louis Vuitton may launch a line of stationary.

Louis Vuitton May Make Snail Mail Fashionable Again

Monica Burton

louisvuitton.comIf you’ve ever found yourself writing a letter and hoped to see the familiar “LV” of the Louis Vuitton logo next to your own monogram, you may not have to hold out hope any longer.

Rumor has it that Louis Vuitton is launching a new line of stationary.

The luxury brand already sells travel notebooks, agendas and pens, but the new line of products would include writing papers and other stationary-related items.

According to Telegraph, the launch would fittingly coincide with the expansion of the Louis Vuitton boutique in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a Parisian neighborhood known for housing writers, booksellers and publishing houses.

If the rumors are true, stationary would become the latest addition to the fashion house’s incredibly extensive list of high-end goods.

What better way to bring letter writing back into fashion? And if you just happen to be the kind of person who writes letters, maybe you already know that luxury is the way to go.