Louis Vuitton Is Trying To Regain Exclusivity With New $4,600 Capucine Bag

Perrie Samotin

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Make no mistake about it: Louis Vuitton bags are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. However, as far as luxury handbags go, we do see them an awful lot on the arms of women from all walks of life who might not be as interested in owning a piece from a French fashion house that’s steeped in heritage as they are in owning a bag that’s covered in status-y logos.

As is often the case when luxury goods start skewing too “mass,” the items start to lose their luster and—in the process—lose the customer the brand really wants to attract.

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This seems to be the case with Louis Vuitton, whose parent company LVMH has been underperforming since the beginning of the year, partly on concerns that consumers were losing appetite for the French brand because it’s too ubiquitous, according to Reuters.

So, what’s a logical next step for a brand to take when they think their items are becoming too commonplace? Create a new bag which so expensive that there’s little chance of seeing it dangling from the wrists of every other girl waiting on line at Starbucks.

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It’s called the Capucine bag, it clocks at a hefty $4,600, and it’s already selling out at a rapid pace throughout Europe, reported the Daily Mail. It’s the bag seen in Louis Vuitton’s beautiful new ads starring Michelle Williams, and its been spotted on the arm of A-listers such as Angelina Jolie, naturally prompting women everywhere to covet it.

Following the infamous Birkin bag trajectory, Vuitton only released the Capucine in small batches, which of course leads to waiting lists, and it won’t be available to anyone until next month. Interestingly, the bag is crafted from the same ultra-high-quality calf leather used by Hermes, the original creator if the ultimate It-bags.

What do you think of Louis Vuitton and its Capucine bag? Would you spend almost $5,000 on it if you could? Weigh in!