Lotte Tuinstra Gets Her Architecture On In New Editorial

Jessica Rubin
Lotte Tuinstra Gets Her Architecture On In New Editorial
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In an exclusive editorial for Fashion Gone Rogue entitled “Blue Monday,” model Lotte Tuinstra poses among minimalist, modern buildings in Tokyo. Photographed by Vien Tran, these images capture an interplay between architecture and fashion, with each art form both contrasting and complimenting each other.

In one particularly gripping shot, Tuinstra’s form is reflected in the wall of a building, creating a duplicity within the photo that mirrors the androgynous nature of her outfit. The poses all imply a strong sense of movement, which speaks to the relevance of fashion and the ever-changing role it plays in society. The clothes, styled by Kosei Matsuda, are of a simple, structural, and tailored genre, the perfect choice for the shoot’s back drop. Click through the editorial and let us know what you think!

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