Lots Of Eye Contact On The L Train…


Most people warn against Craigslist dating as the lowest of lows in digital cruising. But I have to say, I have a soft spot for Missed Connections. I’m currently perusing the MC section to find the cute courtyard smoker I sometimes wave to from my bedroom window. The whole notion seems romantic to me. I like to think of it as fate, with a little kick in the butt from yours truly.

However, I doubt if there are many success stories that come out of Missed Connections. I posted my very first ad a few weeks ago. I thought lingering eye contact on the L train and my brightly-colored coat made me a sure candidate for a successful missed connection reunion. I wanted to find my eye-contact guy, and not some random subway rider. So I asked several “I’m just making sure this is you” questions, including his stop.

I received one email in reply. The man who emailed me said he got off at Jefferson, and thus was not my 1st Ave. cutie. This guy seemed to know how difficult it is to find your subway eye-contact soul mate:

“If it’s not me I hope you find him, but I wouldnt mind if u lied and said it was me just to meet me :), and then told me it was a lie later on.”

Precious. I considered replying to this guy and lying to him as suggested, for the pure Missed Connections romantic fantasy of it all. But I decided against it, based on bad grammar, his use of emoticons…and the long commute to Jefferson.

Have you ever posted a Missed Connection? Did it work? Is this section meant for finding your soul mate or for finding that dude you made out with at Brother Jimmy’s on Saturday? Should I have met up with emoticon guy?