Loose Lips: Mark Ronson


“I think they probably hate me; they’re like, we just thought some D.J. was going to tell us, like, ‘Red and green,’ and fuck off. And you know, I’ve been, like, ‘Oh, wait, what color are the stirrups?’ They’re like, ‘Who are you?'”

Mark Ronson, on his shoe collaboration for Gucci.

Whatever you do, Ronson, we’re sure you’re not nearly as annoying as Kanye probably was at Louis Vuitton. Just strut around with your cute accent and pompadour, and the girls at Gucci most likely just nodded their heads in unison to whatever you suggested. “Let’s make them in the shape of elephants and give them light-up soles and have them play ‘Rehab’ when you walk.” “Yes, Mark, okay, Mark.”

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