Loose Lips: Gary Card


“Cobbled together in a mad panic. Is that a style? “

-Gary Card, who is known for his amazing set designs, on his personal style.

You’re telling me… Sheeshhh check out these pictures. I find them to be hysterical, wouldn’t you agree? I mean who really lives like this? I guess having a giant wooden purple and green hand scripted with “go team” on the index finger is pertinent to living… or maybe he’s trying out a new way to go green with the toilet paper roles stacked by the loo? I don’t even know.

I will give him a little credit for at least being able to pin point his style… Whatever Gary Card, you’re cool keep amusing us with your works of art/clutter. It’s acceptable for a modern day Andy Warhol.

P.S. Purple jeans never looked better!