Loomstate for Target


Eco-minded celebs and scenesters made their way to Venice last night for the Loomstate for Target private shopping event. Adrian Grenier, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Faris, Kristen Bell, and eco-advocate models, Angela Lindvall and Josie Maran, joined Loomstate founders Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn to kick off the collection.

Held at Big Red Sun, an environmentally conscious landscape design firm, the party goers shopped to the music of DJ Harvey and, as part of the festivities, a donation was made to the Organic Exchange.

On April 19th, Target debuts a second round of affordable, limited-edition clothing from Rogan Gregory. Hot off the trail of his successful eponymous, and assumedly one-off, collection for the mega retailer, Gregory and business partner Scott Mackinlay Hahn are back, this time bringing their Loomstate line to the masses. If that isn’t enough to excite, Loomstate is the first Target designer collaboration to make their designs available to both men and women.

The collection promises soft, lived-in washes in 100% organic cotton and cites nature as inspiration for the earthy shades of aqua, grey, black and brown. Loomstate’s signature flora and fauna printed tees are represented with pelican, owl, and dolphin prints.

The line launches priced at a budget friendly range, bringing as much peace of mind to your wallet as it will to your conscience.

Loomstate for Target’s eco-chic collection springs to life a convenient three days before Earth Day. What a prefect way to, literally, wear the cause on your sleeve.


Dana Goodman and Anna Farris


Adrian Grenier