Lookalike Alert: Emma Stone and Taylor Swift Are Doppelgängers in Platinum Blonde Lobs

After dyeing her locks brown for her turn as tennis star Billie Jean King in the upcoming film “Battle of the Sexes,” Emma Stone is going back to her roots, if you will, spotted leaving Meche salon in Beverly Hills with platinum blonde hair over the weekend, ET reports. She looks strikingly like another star with a similar new look: Taylor Swift, with perhaps a pinch of Michelle Williams thrown in for good measure.

Though it has been a while since Stone has rocked platinum blonde, and many believe she is a natural redhead, it should be pointed out that Stone is actually an O.G. blondie. As she told StyleCaster a few years ago, she’s most comfortable with red hair at this point, but she wasn’t born that way. “Even though I am blonde naturally … I identify most with red hair,” she said. “My mom’s a redhead, so maybe I grew up seeing it more than seeing myself in a mirror. But I like blonde too. It’s just hair.” Truth.

Apparently, she came into casting for 2007’s “Superbad” with blonde hair, but producer Judd Apatow wasn’t into it, she told the East Valley Tribune, whatever that is. “I was a brunette during casting. Then Judd walked in, said, ‘Make it red,’ and walked out,” she said. “So he made me this way.”

Whatever, though. Harking back to her comment that hair is “just hair,” Stone told StyleCaster, “My best friend and I have this saying. We just say ‘bones.’ Because I went to the Catacombs [in Paris] and I realized all these people in catacombs were all trying to be liked by each other, to be successful, to climb the ladder or whatever, and they are literally stacked on top of each other in catacombs.” OK, Emma Stone is officially the best. “They’re back to bones,” she continued. “Whenever you lose perspective, you just realize we’re all bones trying to get along. We’re all the exact same at our core. It helps put things in perspective.” Deep thoughts from Emma Stone, brought to you on this glorious springtime afternoon.