The New Celebrity: Most Fascinating Athletes at the 2012 Olympics

Spencer Cain

While it’s a blast to watch the Olympics and dissect each sport, what’s more fun is actually observing the contestants and thinking about their lives when they’re not in total competition mode. Lucky for us, there are plenty of personalities in London this summer, and many athletes aren’t afraid to show who they really are.

Between Ryan Lochte‘s now infamous grills and Kerri Walsh‘s ill-timed case of pink eye, there’s plenty of gossip coming out of the Olympic village, and we’re so glad we get to hear about it. In honor of the crazy crop of Americans who just so happen to be some of the greatest athletes in the world, we’ve composed a gallery of the most interesting people who we can’t wait to follow once the Olympics are long over.

Click through the above slideshow to get a peek at who we’re obsessed with this summer!

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