A Site to See: Lollipuff Makes It A Breeze To Shop Authentic Pre-Owned Designer Goods

Meghan Blalock

lollipuff A Site to See: Lollipuff Makes It A Breeze To Shop Authentic Pre Owned Designer GoodsAround here, we’re endlessly fascinated by the wide world of online shopping, and it seems that every week brings with it a brand-new e-commerce site to be obsessed with. Since keeping track of ‘em all can be a feat of epic proportion, we’ve decided to feature “A Site To See” each week, highlighting a cool retail website you’ll definitely want to bookmark. This week: an incredibly useful new site called Lollipuff.

Why You Should Bookmark It: If you’ve ever bought a “designer” item on eBay or some other consignment site, only to learn upon opening your purchase that you had been duped into buying a fake, then you’ll appreciate what Lollipuff has to offer.

The site, which just launched a chic redesign, was founded by former electrical engineer-turned-authenticator Fei Deyle, who guarantees the authenticity of every single item up for grabs on the site. “If you can’t authenticate through a photograph, you’re not a true authenticator,” Deyle boldly says of her ability to tell the reals from the fakes. “It’s wild how often I see a fake Chanel bag sell for over $1,000 on eBay. Anyone can touch a bag and know it’s plastic and not leather. I built up my reputation as being a very trusted source by sharing everything I had learned and by being passionate about these brands.” Currently, the site offers pre-owned, guaranteed legit designer goods from four big-name high-fashion brands: Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Herve Leger, and Balenciaga.

How It Works: Similar to eBay, you can experience Lollipuff in two different ways: as a buyer and a seller. To become a seller, you create a membership and submit your designer goods for authentication by Deyle. Once she gives you the okay, you can sell your goods straight from the site. Deyle will charge 7% of your asking price, which covers not only the authentication process but also your use of the selling platform. Being a buyer is, of course, much easier: you sign up for a free profile, and start bidding.

“Most of the products come from individual sellers; it’s a lot like eBay in that way. Then we authenticate it and we make sure the item is, in fact, in their possession,” Deyle says. Most of the goods on the site are offered up at a significant discount; one of Deyle’s favorite finds is Chanel’s iconic 2.55 bag, which is currently on offer for $1,500 down from $4,400. “The Chanel 2.55 double flap is many women’s favorites,” she says. “We always strive to have that on our site.”

Fun Fact: The site’s name is inspired by a certain flower with a propensity for blowing seeds far and wide. “Lollipuff is a play on dandelion,” Deyle says. “A dandelion is kind of a feeling that we have about the site, how we want it to spread and we want to share the wisdom of authentication.”

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