Lollapalooza Starts Tonight!


Right on the heels of All Points West, Lollapalooza starts today for all those in the Chicagoland area! Headliners include Depeche Mode, Tool, The Killers, Jane’s Addiction and Kings of Leon. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will also be headlining as well in place of the Beastie Boys.

There are a ton of amazing acts coming through for this festival and for a complete schedule click here.

For anyone travelling to Chicago for the music festival here are a few helpful tips from a native Chicagoan:

  1. When the wind blows, please don’t say, “I guess this is why they call it the Windy City.” That’s not the reason it’s called the Windy City and you sound like a jerk.
  2. Deep dish pizza’s a legit meal. My personal favorite is Pequod‘s. It’s the ad in the Yellow Pages of a blue whale with underwear over its head. Just go with it…
  3. Lake Michigan’s a really big lake. You can swim in it but make sure you’re at North Avenue Beach where it’s safe. Safety first…

For all those going (including my youngest sister), have an epic fun time! For all those not, check back here Monday for a Lollapalooza re-cap!