The Lohan Recap


Lindsay Lohan has been a busy girl lately, in a somewhat successful but not really kind of way. Her ad campaign for Italian designer Fornarina recently was released, where it might remind you of a washed-out version of Britney’s Candie’s ads but without the ponies, or an even more washed-out version of her old Miu Miu ads. She’s also inexplicably holding a guitar… which could vaguely remind you that she sometimes makes “music.” Like remember in Freaky Friday?


She somehow found the time to model amidst creating the cinematic masterpiece titled Labor Pains, which, we’re not sure, because we didn’t see it, but perhaps the title has something to do with the intestinal discomfort watching said film will give you. Labor Pains was originally planned to go to theaters, then to DVD, but instead settled at ABC Family for its home. The plot has something to do with Lohan claiming to be pregnant to keep her job. Hilarity ensues. Laugh track plays.

We fervently hope you somehow find your way back to The Parent Trap talent we so fell in love with, Linds, truly…but thank God there aren’t two of you.

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