This Multicolored Shearling Backpack is the Only Bag You Need for Fall

Rachel Adler
Loeffler Randall Shearling Backpack

Photo: Loeffler Randall

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not your typical fashion girl. I don’t cough up thousands of dollars on a new it-bag every season—I’d rather buy multiple bags and change it up. I mean really, who wants to wear just one? But lately, I’ve been itching for something a little more special than what I usually gravitate towards. But—instead of a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag or a mini satchel from Phillip Lim—I’ve been on the hunt for a designer backpack that looks luxe yet doesn’t cost an entire month’s rent.

Suddenly, after weeks of searching, I wandered past a shelf in Bloomingdales that displayed the most gorgeous leather and shearling bag I’ve ever seen. My parents—who were in town visiting—thought I was insane, of course. While the multicolored shearling on Loeffler Randall’s mini backpack is everything I need for fall, it’s not as parent-practical as, say, a black leather tote.

But, given the fact that it basically combines every color that’s trending this fall in the most sublime way, I say it’s the perfect accessory to kick even the most boring outfit up a notch. Plus, I’m all about the “Clueless” nostalgia that comes with mini backpacks.

I immediately texted StyleCaster’s Site Director Perrie Samotin for confirmation, and she agreed—this bag is to die for. Even though it’s $459 – which certainly isn’t an impulse buy – it’s definitely less than most designer bags, so I’m pretty positive this one will make it into my year-long rotation.