Lo Bosworth on Her New York Style: ‘I Wear Black Every Single Day’

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Lauren “Lo” Bosworth has come a long way since the days of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.” When she moved to New York City, Lauren traded in her Cali-girl jeans and tank tops for Zimmerman boots and all black everything (insert joke about New Yorkers only wearing black here). She’s got a new lifestyle site TheLoDown.com, where she shares her insights on food, fashion and beauty, and is toying with her own television project centered on the world of food.  We chatted with the newly minted New Yorker about her style rules and how moving to the east coast has influenced her style.

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What does New York style mean to you?

I believe that style in New York is really a reflection of an individuals emotional state. Happiness, stress, exhaustion, lust. People dress to accommodate their moods.

How does the city influence your style?

The city breathes life into me every day.  Individuality is embraced here and it’s that ideal that reminds me to wear whatever I fucking please out the door everyday.  I dress for myself, not for others.  I also bring Band-Aids with me everywhere.

There is a quiet sophistication and pleasure in getting dressed everyday living in New York City.  What I’m wearing to a meeting is of equal importance to the meeting itself, because projecting an image of the way you feel inside to the world helps you stand apart in this city.  Also, I no longer see work-out tights as appropriate casual-wear for a lunch or afternoon of shopping.  Real pants are required!

When I moved to New York, my style completely changed. I just became much more willing to wear what I wanted to wear, and really embraced the downtown culture and vibe of New York City. I owned three things that were black when I moved to New York, and now, it’s just true, I wear black every single day, basically from head to toe.

What upcoming projects are you working on this season? 

Look out for food, fashion, and beauty on TheLoDown.com and an upcoming TV project in the food space!

What’s your number one style rule or tip?

Understated effort is much more notable than this season’s newest bag or shoe.