Lizzo’s Dropping Her Own Size-Inclusive Line To Reshape Shapewear & It’s About Damn Time

Lizzo’s Dropping Her Own Size-Inclusive Line To Reshape Shapewear & It’s About Damn Time
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If you follow Lizzo on TikTok or have had the privilege of her videos popping up on your FYP, you’ll know that the musician just declared that “this is my season and I’m about to be everywhere” in a casual TikTok video. A week later, the Grammy award-winning singer announced the launch of her new shapewear line titled Yitty. With Lizzo’s Yitty shapewear launch, not only is she going to be everywhere, she’s going to be worn by everyone. 

Yitty is a shapewear line that can be worn as underwear, overwear and everywhere. In Lizzo’s words, Yitty is made for “EVERY. BODY. PERIOD.” Lizzo is known for being outspoken about body image and confidence on social media—a role that has been de-facto assigned to her as a plus-sized musician—a result of the predominantly thin-centric music industry. She’s taken the label and responsibility in her stride, documenting the good and the bad days of body-positivity and using her platform to advocate for change in the industry. So far, it’s working. Within a day, the Yitty Instagram account has gained over 171 thousand followers, and counting.  

“I’ve been wearing shapewear since I was 12…and it was not the best experience for me. It actually was a gateway to me not liking my body and not liking myself and not feeling normal,” Lizzo says in a “storytime” TikTok video about the brand’s creation. “As I got into fashion, I started finding joy in creating shapes and having autonomy in my sexiness.” 

Yitty is the next step in Lizzos’ progress. While Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS line gives fans an opportunity to buy into an aesthetic, Lizzos’ Yitty line will give people a chance to proudly wear a piece of the singer’s famous self-confidence. Yitty will be available in a wide range of neutral and bright colors and more importantly, sizes. The brand boasts a size range of 6X-XS—a wider range than Kardashian’s shapewear line which runs up to a 4X. 

When a fan commented on Lizzo’s release announcement noting that the size range was noted largest to smallest instead of the other way around, Lizzo responded saying that there “ain’t no coincidences around here boo.” 

Prior to the brand’s launch, Lizzo got the hashtag #biggrrrls trending on TikTok through dance videos (she’s a jack of all trades)—the hashtag coincides with Lizzo’s reality competition dance show Big Grrls. The show documents Lizzo’s search for plus-sized backup dancers to join her upcoming world tour (yeah, Lizzo’s pretty busy). Her announcement of Yitty’s launch was a love letter to anyone who considers themselves a part of the #biggrrrls category. I predict that Yitty is going to be worn on stage and worldwide— and it certainly won’t be a coincidence. 

You’ll be able to match Lizzo, coincidence or not, starting on April 12 when Yitty officially launches with three collections: Major Label, Mesh Me and Nearly Naked. The collections will include bras, underwear, bodysuits and matching sets available in sizes 6X-XS—whatever occasion you’re shopping for, Lizzo’s got you covered. Well, as covered as you want to be. 

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