Lizzo Wants To Collaborate With BTS & Honestly, The World Needs This

Kim Wong-Shing
Photo: Shutterstock.

At first glance, Lizzo and BTS are quite different artists. Lizzo is an American singer and rapper who’s famous for twerking and playing the flute at the same time, while BTS is a world-famous boy band from all the way in South Korea. But they may actually join forces soon, if Lizzo’s tweets about a BTS collab are any clue. If this comes true, both Lizzbians and the BTS ARMY’s heads are going to explode!

A Lizzo-BTS collab would actually make a lot of sense. Both artists are adorable, talented, and passionate about self-love. Lizzo’s entire debut album is about self-love—it’s her whole thing—and BTS has lots of songs on the same topic. Plus, both artists are multi-talented enough to sing and rap. Also, BTS has some similar collaborations with American musicians under their belt, including songs with Nicki Minaj, the Chainsmokers, and Steve Aoki. Other musicians have expressed desires to work with the band, including Billie Eilish and Shawn Mendes.

Now Lizzo can join the waitlist! Fans have been dying for Lizzo to collab with BTS. One member of the BTS ARMY even directly tweeted to ask Lizzo to collaborate with the group. People tweet similar collab requests all day long, but this time Lizzo actually responded—and she’s definitely interested.

She tweeted back a simple “Yes please,” and fans promptly lost it. The verdict is in: We need this to happen ASAP.

This isn’t the first time that Lizzo has said she’d like to work with the band. After hearing their music for the very first time back in August, she immediately said it’d be “fun” to collaborate with them. Also, we already know that Lizzo and BTS’ music goes seamlessly together because a fan created a mash-up video of BTS dancing to Lizzo’s “Juice” and you can’t even tell that they weren’t actually dancing to that song. Lizzo revealed afterward that she’s a big fan of the band, tweeting “OMG IF @bts_bighit SEES THIS IMA FLIP OUT #BTSARMY ?!?!”

It’s safe to say that Lizzo is absolutely on board, so… BTS? Your move!