Lizzo Singing Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ Is Simply Stunning

Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

Lookout Adele! Lizzo is coming for you! Just kidding—she’s honoring you in the most epic way possible. Lizzo singing Adele’s “Someone Like You” in this video is more than we can handle. The surefire tear-jerker already gets us v emotional, and Lizzo’s performance is no exception. The video is actually from way back in 2011, right around the time Adele first released the song. Lizzo is the new it-girl of the summer. The flute-playing, body-twerking artist’s hit, “Truth Hurts” is such a jam. And an anthem we can all get behind. The 31-year-old artist’s Instagram is blowing up. She’s sharing all the content you could hope to see—wild outfits, twerking videos, epic performances, etc.— and her 3.4 million followers seem to really be enjoying what she’s throwing down.

In a completely different, but equally effective fashion, Adele can stand under a spotlight alone on a stage and captivate her audience. Where other celebs need flashy lights, backup dancers and wild outfits, Adele reigns supreme with her striking simplicity. Neither way is better—just different. So it’s remarkable to see this throwback video of breakout star Lizzo covering Adele’s hit, “Someone Like You.” Adele’s career was just taking off and Lizzo, who is the same age as the “Send My Love To Your New Lover,” was still relatively unknown. Just take a listen:

Can you even? This also just reaffirms why Lizzo was Prince’s muse. OK—maybe not muse, per say, but she was his protégée. In 2011, Lizzo moved to Minneapolis, quickly becoming a local celebrity as she began to pursue music. Minnesota native and legend Prince took Lizzo under his wing. She even performed with him at Paisley Park. She and Prince recorded together before the icon passed away in 2016. The city’s hip-hop community absolutely loved her—we can see why! She’s fierce and immensely talented. We’re glad Lizzo is finally getting her time to shine.

Also—in case you need a reminder of how emotional Adele gets us, please enjoy this throwback SNL sketch. It captures everything we feel and more.