Honestly Just an Ode to Lizzo’s Body Positive Lingerie Looks

Maggie Griswold
Honestly Just an Ode to Lizzo’s Body Positive Lingerie Looks
Photo: RMV/REX/Shutterstock.

I’ll be the millionth person to say it: Lizzo is a true queen. The singer has blessed us with bops like “Good as Hell,” “Truth Hurts” and most recently, my personal anthem, “Juice.” But Lizzo doesn’t just provide the masses with dance-worthy jams—she’s also a huge advocate for body positivity. If you check out her Instagram, there are quite a few photos of Lizzo wearing lingerie and owning the hell out of it. I would be remiss in my duties as someone who strives to pit the world against fatphobia to not talk about how amazing these body-positive posts are. (Also Lizzo just looks really good, so there’s that.)

What Lizzo’s lingerie photos do—which is, I believe, what she intends them to do—is not only to show off to the world how incredibly hot she is, but also encourage people who don’t fit society’s absolutely ridiculous standards to say, “Fuck that. I’m gonna do me regardless of what you say.” I mean, Lizzo’s ass is constantly flying in front of our faces, and it’s forcing people to get used to a larger body succeeding in ways internalized fatphobia doesn’t want it to. Yes, this fat body can move in ways you thought it couldn’t, and it looks amazing while it does. Lizzo is doing that, y’all.

Lizzo, in a true showing of body positivity, even added the popular hashtag #effyourbeautystandards to her post from Wednesday. With posts like this, baring all for the world to see, I feel less afraid to show my own body. I don’t plan to post any lingerie looks any time soon—gotta start small, you know?—but when I look at the fat on my arms and on my stomach stomach or when I see my thick thighs in the mirror, I’m reminded of how Lizzo is unafraid to show that off to the world. Beauty standards be damned. We’re all hot.

But Lizzo’s body-positive lingerie posts aren’t all she does to combat fat-shaming and fight against fatphobia. With every song, music video, performance Lizzo puts out into the world, she promotes herself and her message. She tells the world that talent and worth have nothing to do with size. She doesn’t have to show off her body to prove to you she loves herself, but she will. Little by little, Lizzo helps normalize fat bodies in mainstream media, and I, for one, stan.