Lizzo Wore an Extra AF Neon Dress To the GLAAD Media Awards, and I’m Here For It

Maggie Griswold
Lizzo Wore an Extra AF Neon Dress To the GLAAD Media Awards, and I’m Here For It
Photo: Variety/REX/Shutterstock.

Hi, it’s me again—your friendly neighborhood Lizzo stan. We already know the singer consistently boasts incredible looks (while being a body positive queen), so it should come as no surprise to anyone that Lizzo’s GLAAD Media Awards dress was iconic. I feel like the word iconic gets thrown around a lot—I think I once heard someone call an old rocking chair sitting in a dumpster “iconic”—but in this case, I seriously mean Lizzo’s outfit was iconic.

Lizzo walked out onto the GLAAD Media Awards red carpet wearing the most extra neon dress I’ve ever seen, and it’s safe to say I’m here for it. Not only is the dress bright, poofy and sexy all at the same time, but it actually stands for so much more than an eye-catching red carpet look. Beyond the neon frills and sparkly up-do (!!) lies a confidence that many plus-size women are told not to have. A larger woman wearing bright colors is, sadly, something that doesn’t actually happen in media much. Yet once again, here is Lizzo, happily wearing whatever the fuck she wants and looking incredible. I told you the look was iconic.

Lizzo at the GLAAD Media Awards


Seriously, though, many plus-size women (and honestly, women in general) feel as if they have to shrink into the background—hiding both their bodies and personalities from the world. Plus-size women have, for so long, been told to try and look smaller—which usually means wearing dark colors and staying away from bright, fun ensembles. Lizzo is constantly wearing eye-catching outfits (that is, when she’s not posting hot AF lingerie pics on her Instagram) that make her stand out instead of hiding in the shadows draped in black. This neon dress is just the latest example of of Lizzo putting herself in the spotlight exactly how she is—big, bold and fashionable as fuck. Needless to say, I stan.