Yasss, Lizzo’s DNA Test Halloween Costume Is Legendary

Kristen Martin
Photo: Shutterstock.

Lizzo has been celebrating the success of “Truth Hurts” hitting No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, but nothing tops the charts like her most recent Instagram post. Lizzo’s DNA test Halloween costume photo is up on legendary!

In the short Instagram video, Lizzo’s hair stylist, Shelby Swain is standing beside the cover art poster for Cuz I Love You. Shelby is wearing an animal print bodysuit as she says, “Yes, finally my uhh DNA test came in.”  And what happens next? You guessed it! In walks Lizzo dressed as a DNA test. 

Lizzo’s hit song, “Truth Hurts” begins to play, and all of her DNA testing movements are coordinated with the lyrics of the song. She opens the test that is her costume, revealing the results and of course it reads: 100% that bitch. Classic!

In the video caption, Lizzo says, “IDK y’all … this year for Halloween I decided to not wear a costume 😓.” 

Some of her fans on Twitter reacted to the genius idea: “The cotton swab killed me. I want to applaud everyone involved in this work of pure gold,” while another said, “Love this and love you!! You won Halloween.” I think we all can agree on that one. 

Also in the Halloween spirit, Lizzo appeared on a segment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show with producer, Average Andy. The two are making their way through a haunted house at Universal Studios, joking and jumping throughout. Barely surviving the maze, Andy and Lizzo fall to the ground as Lizzo jokes, “Why did they end it like that?” She regains her composure, and says, “My weave.” Hilarious! 

Take a look at some Lizzo inspired Halloween costumes: