Lizzo Wants To Collaborate With J-Lo & Cardi B—Can We Make This Happen?

Julia Teti
Photo: Shutterstock

We want this music trio to get together so much. Lizzo’s Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez collab hint is too much for us to deal with. All three of the powerful performers are coming off of a great year so far and what better way to cap it off with a hot collaboration?

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Lizzo said that working with the two women would be right up her alley. Lizzo also had nothing but amazing things to say about Lopez, with whom she worked on the upcoming film Hustlers. “[Jennifer’s] not even just a powerful woman in music, she’s just a powerful woman, period,” Lizzo shared. “Everything she does, she goes full throttle, and she is a winner. That was kind of inspiring to see … when she walked on set, I was just kind of learning from her. She’s a professional, and that was the biggest thing. I was like, ‘You’re a professional, but you’re warm and you also kind of allow the room to take over.’ She allowed us to be sisters on set and she allowed us to banter and make jokes. I think she really wanted the connection to feel real.”

Cardi B also stars alongside Lizzo and J-Lo, and the women have been doing a ton of press before the film hits theaters this September. Lizzo continued, “I’m just so happy to have the small part that I have and if [Jennifer] asked me to be on a song with her and Cardi B, ya know, I definitely wouldn’t say no,” Lizzo continued. “It would be lit. It would be fun, like, shake, shake, shake, shake it!”

Lizzo lit up the stage at this year’s MTV VMAs and we can only imagine what the trio could do if they brought all their talents together. Basically, we need this song to happen. With the film due out September 12, we could get a surprise song along with the movie – maybe. Until then we’re just going to keep talking about how fire this collab would be and speak it into existence.