Lizzo Showing Off Her Boob Tape Is Proof She Looks Hot In Anything

Bella Gerard
Lizzo Showing Off Her Boob Tape Is Proof She Looks Hot In Anything
Photo: Courtesy of Mega; Booby Tape.

I’ve been using boob tape for years, but it wasn’t necessarily ~cool~ until today. That’s because Lizzo’s boob tape is basically going viral on Instagram, and her latest post isn’t just another reason I love her—it’s also a reminder that boob tape is such a godsend.

If you aren’t following Her Majesty on Instagram yet (or Tik Tok, but that’s another story) shame on you. In addition to high-fashion, editorial photoshoots, Lizzy often shares everyday selfies and behind-the-scenes videos, and she’s guaranteed to post pretty much anytime she’s feeling her look.

That brings us to her most recent ‘gram, cheekily captioned “Made ya look.” In it, our goddess is wearing only a pair of seamless nude panties and a mesh rhinestone long-sleeved crop top. She’s rocking major mermaid extensions that go past her waist, and at the start of the video, you’d think her breasts were totally exposed beneath the mesh. Scandal!!!

After giving us a sassy hair-flip, we see that she’s not actually naked underneath the mesh. Boob tape alert! “You thought! You thought you was gonna see titties, but you didn’t,” she jokes. “You didn’t see titties, you saw some tape, bitch!”

OK, I’m already a big fan of boob tape as an alternative to bras (And I’m an E-cup, so don’t tell me your chest is too big! The right tape will work wonders!), but knowing that Lizzo approves of the look makes me stan it ten times harder. Granted, I don’t look as fierce as she does when I’m all taped up, but her video definitely made me laugh, and was a great reminder that it’s okay to want a little extra lift (or a little extra coverage!) from something like boob tape every now and then. It was also a great reminder not to show your boobs on IG. This woman just blesses us with lessons!

If, like me, you’ll do pretty much anything after you see Lizzo do it, check out a few boob tape options below you’re guaranteed to love. As for the mermaid-length hair extensions and mesh rhinestone crop top? You’ll have to decide for yourself if you really want to commit to the full look.

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1. Perky Girls Tape

STYLECASTER | Lizzo Boob Tape

Courtesy of Perky Girls Tape.

The Perky Girls Tape is my personal boob tape of choice. It’s super stretchy once removed from the backing, so a little goes a long way. Cut half the amount you think you need and you’ll be good to go.


2. Hiramex Boob Tape

STYLECASTER | Lizzo Boob Tape

Courtesy of Hiramex.

The Hiramex Boob Tape comes with five sets of nipple covers, which I highly recommend using underneath your tape. It makes the removal process a lot less painful!


3. Brassybra That Little Extra

STYLECASTER | lizzo boob tape

Courtesy of Brassybra.

Lizzo’s stylist Mark Monroe confirmed the star is wearing Brassybra’s That Little Extra tape strips along with the Brassybra Bra Tape in shade Caramel. If you’re a similar skin tone, this could be your perfect match!


4. Nue Boob Tape

STYLECASTER | Lizzo Boob Tape

Courtesy of Nue.

Nue’s Boob Tape comes in three colors, which is great if you’re wearing something see-through like Lizzo did, since you don’t want your tape to be that far off from your own skin tone.


5. Booby Tape

STYLECASTER | Lizzo Boob Tape

Courtesy of Booby Tape.

Booby Tape is considered to be the OG boob tape. Sofia Richie and Anastasia Karanikolaou are also fans of the brand, so you know it’s a good one.

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