Lizzo & Ariana Grande’s ‘Good As Hell’ Remix Is The Collab Of Our Bad B*tch Dreams

Aramide Tinubu
Photo: Shutterstock.

The weekend is officially lit, TBH we don’t even know why we’re still sitting at our desks. These Lizzo and Ariana Grande “Good As Hell” remix Twitter reactions are literally sprinkling all of the glory over our lives right now. On Oct. 24. our flute-playing queen hopped on Instagram Live to hint at her latest collab.  While holding a Starbucks cup she spoke to her fans saying,

About something that’s dropping tonight, I’ll give you a hint.  If you can guess the size of this drink, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You know what I’m talking about. I’ll give you a clue one more time. If you can guess the size of this Starbucks drink — Starbucks, can y’all give me a coin for this? But anyway — that’s what I’m saying. If you can guess the size of this Starbucks drink, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Most fans obviously picked up right away that the “Juice” singer was holding a grande sized Starbucks cup, so they put two and two together. Not only has Ariana laughed about sharing her last name with the popular size at Starbeezy–she also recently a that involved her very own frappucino.

For her part, Ariana was also thrilled to share some musical space with Lizzo. People reported that the “thank u, next” songstress posted a video of herself singing the song with the caption, “We got a sweet little remix of ‘Good As Hell’ coming to you tonight 🙂 thank you for thinking of me @lizzobeeating love you!”

The “Boyfriend” singer adds her own lyrics to the second verse singing,

(Thank God) ‘Cause he better know my worth / There’s so much that I deserve / But I ain’t worried now, I’mma a let my hair down / He been trying it but not today / So girl, if he don’t love you anymore / Then walk your fine a** out the door

Ugh! We live — and we aren’t the only ones.