Lizzie McGuire on Gossip Girl?

Samantha Blake

Here’s a mass text to send to all Gossip Girl fans gathering in front of the TV for the new season: watch out for the fourth episode, it will be introducing Hilary Duff to the cast.

Surprised? The darling of Disney and cookie cutter pop tunes– the ones we all sing along with, it’s okay, “Come Clean”– merging with scandalous text message threads, sex, and power plays set to killer tunes is an odd combination to say the least.

With films like A Cinderella Story, the Cheaper By the Dozen duo, and Material Girls under her belt, it’s difficult to see a city slicker-caught up-in-the-drama type of character coming through in a believable way.

Maybe the directors were looking to add a little sugary innocence to the mix? As a film star looking to enter the real world, her character Olivia Burke will be attending NYU and living in the dorms with down-to-earth Vanessa (Jessica Szhor). She’ll join brooding bookworm Dan (Penn Badgley) and of course, endure the wrath of the lovable ice queen and style icon Blair (Leighton Meester).

We are excited to see more of Duff on the red carpet, but style-wise, she has her work cut out for her against memorable and fierce fashion maven co-stars Meester, Szhor, Blake Lively, and Taylor Momsen.