Living Well, Palazzo Tornabuoni


So apparently I (and most likely you) need to move to Umbria. I was just on vacation there last week with friends who rented a gorgeous villa in order for us to relax and unwind.

I soon found that the Umbrian lifestyle was right up my alley. I especially fell in love with their work schedule; everything closes at 12:30pm and reopens at 4pm, and everyone goes off to lunch and eats REALLY slowly in order to actually savor their food. (Sadly, I gulp down my lunch in about 10 minutes sitting at my desk.)

While in Italy, we took an overnight trip to Florence to see a place my friend is interested in buying…Palazzo Tornabuoni. The 15th century palace was ridiculously amazing, and right smack in the middle of Florence; think stepping outside and finding only the best couturier shops, gourmet restaurants, and of course, the most celebrated museums in the world!

The palace had been restored and is now a private “residence club” (luxury vacations via fractional ownership seem to be the trend nowadays). Each flawlessly designed apartment has a maximum of eight owners with a limited amount for full ownership. The famed Italian interior design firm Michele Bonan has created one of the most sophisticated and interesting spaces I’ve seen in a long time; so luxe but in a very chic, masculine, modern way!

Respectful of its history, they have restored this 15th century palace with modern touches, making a perfect balance of old and new. Basically, I want to move in right now. This is one of those sites that just inspires you with an eclectic use of design and color. Take a few moments and go on a creative “web-cation” that will be a peaceful respite – molto elegante!