Live Like A Hedge Fund Manager: 5 Ways to Access Art Today

Meghan Cross
StyleCaster's live Art Battle at Miami Art Basel

StyleCaster’s live Art Battle at Miami Art Basel

You’ve heard the saying, “New Year, New You.”
Well nothing says new you quite like new art.
On the heels of StyleCaster’s live Art Battle at Miami Art Basel where five incredible artists funked up the feng shui of our Most Stylish Miami party by creating art smack dab in the middle of the Gale hotel rooftop, we decided it was time to invest in some work of our own.
So we asked a few of our favorite artists on-the-ups for a few tips on where to access art right now (hey, not all of us can plunk down millions on a Rothko). Here, their can’t miss tips.
For the Graffiti Lover 
Yatika Starrfields—who recently performed in StyleCaster’s ArtBattle at Miami Art Basel and showed a piece at The Wynnwood Walls mural project—recommends simply walking down the street to find some of the best murals. “In NYC and Brooklyn there are so many places to go on any given day,” says Starrfields, the futuristic surrealist whose style has been described as “realistic motion splashed with color.” At Miami Art Basel, The Wynwood made murals that were for sale in a pop-up shop, an ode to Keith Haring’s all-accessible Lafayette Street location in 1986. For more information visit
For the Artist-Turned-Entrepreneur
Graffiti-inspired artist Jaques Fragua suggests finding high-quality art for purchase online. If you’re not biased towards a specific artist, Fragua recommends sites like Big Cartel, which is “expanding the possibilities of art vending virtually.” Think, Etsy for art. Artists can literally be their own digital gallery owners. For more information visit
For the Flat-Owner With Flat Walls
Ever ask a gallery if they sold anything in your price range, and your attempt to decorate your flat—well—fell flat? Enter: Americanflat, the digital gallery for those who appreciate art—but aren’t looking to invest in it. Boasting a unique giclee production, each piece is affordable but still high-quality. The site itself is a fun way to scout out new talent like Michael Auger and Eric Rosner. For more information visit
For Accessing Your Favorite Artists
We heard about PosterChildPrints from Curtis Kulig // Love Me. Though we like to think Kulig’s recent #StyleToThePeople iPhone cases and tote bags are probably the most novel works of art to grace the edge of technology, we’re a bit biased. His world-renowned collaborations with Obey, Terry Richardson, The Ace Hotel, and many, many (many) more are also pretty stellar. So talk about accessibility: Now, we all can shower our friends with “Love” by gifting the New York Times acclaimed artist’s “Party Night” print, available at For more information visit
For the Patron Who’s Done His Research
If you know exactly who and what you’re looking for, Fragua recommends going right to the source by heading to “your local community-minded independent gallery, or online to your favorite independent artist’s website.”
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