Liu Wen What You Should Know about Victoria’s Secret’s First Asian Angel


Ladies, if you’re currently in a relationship, we are warning you now. At precisely 10 pm tonight, something very disturbing may overtake your boyfriend, and we want to make sure you are prepared. No, it isn’t the Poltergeist–it’s worse. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs tonight on CBS, and we suggest saying anything important you might have to say to your BF, prior to this time slot, or else chances are it will be in one ear and out the next.

We know you’re probably (secretly) dying to watch too, so here are a few fun facts about the most exciting new addition to the VS catwalk. Liu Wen, is the first Asian angel to walk for Victoria’s Secret since 2003, and she couldn’t be more excited–and scared! Apparently the gorgeous model who has posed for magazines like Allure, Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar, and this season’s ad campaign for DKNY, is a bit starstruck by the rest of the VS models. In order to get ready for tonight’s show, Wen has been practicing her poses at the end of the runway, but she’s terrified that none of them will be sexy. We think if she sticks with the formula she’s been using to snag all these fashion editorial shoots, she shouldn’t have a problem!

Another reason why we love Liu? She’s obsessed with Lady Gaga, and she admits that the infamous Alexander McQueen shoes are uncomfortable! But if she can pull off walking in those, we’re sure she’ll be just fine at tonight’s show. Good luck, Liu. And happy watching, StyleCasters!