Little J Rocks Out on the LES, Makes Fictional Has Been Rocker Daddy Proud


In addition to gracing us with her presence every week as private school rebel Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen is the lead singer in a band called “The Pretty Reckless”. The actress, who turns 16 in July, performed last night at the Annex on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and according to concertgoers, she’s actually pretty good. Rufus must have been beaming somewhere in the corner.

It looks like the real life Taylor is following in the footsteps of her fictional, turtleneck wearing dad Rufus “Man Bangs” Humphrey (or the future Mr. VDW Bass). Let’s just hope she is more than a one hit wonder.

How soon do you think she’ll wind up in rehab? And how many times? (I want guesses based on months and/or years, people!)