Listen: Muse Release Official Rock Anthem for the Olympics

Susie G

muse survival olympics Listen: Muse Release Official Rock Anthem for the Olympics

We’re kind of super stoked/surprised/but mostly stoked about the news that the London Olympic Committee have decided to deem Brit rockers Muse and the track “Survival” as the official anthem for the 2012 Olympics being held in London this summer.

According to NME, the track will be played when athletes from all over will enter the stadium in Victoria Park for the medal ceremony, as well as be played throughout all international TV coverage of the highly watched event. And apparently, it looks like the band had written the song specifically for one of the biggest happenings of the year.

“Matt wrote the song with the Olympics in mind. It’s about total conviction and pure determination to win,” stated the band earlier today via NME. This is the band’s first material in three years, clearly making it a great day to be both a Muse fan and a die-hard Olympic nerd.

“Survival” just premiered over in the UK on BBC1 Radio, hours after the band’s unveiling of the good news, with many music fans are rushing to the Internet and upload the hot-off-the-press track. Thanks to them and a little searching on YouTube, we present to you the new “Survival” track from Muse, your official anthem to the 2012 London Olympics down below.

Or you can wait to purchase and then listen to the song via iTunes later today. Or not.

[Image via London 2012 Olympics Official Site]