Lissy Trullie Debuts New Music Video for Boy Boy


My dad criticizes me for dressing like a maniac. I criticize my dad for dressing like a taupe crayon in his head to toe safari outfit and his denim on denim with a denim jacket on top. Well, Papa I owe you a serious apology as Lissy Trullie just made denim on denim effing awesome.

Lissy Trullie provides some major style inspiration in her new music video (courtesy of Stereogum) for her song Boy Boy. Completely adorable with her tom boy demeanor and Edie Sedgwick cropped cut, Lissy Trullie is incredibly endearing. I desperately want to play one of her besties in this music video but oh sorry, that role is filled by Chloe Sevigny who plays Lissy’s merch girl…?