Links To Click: Chrissy Teigen’s Pre-Wedding Xanax, 25 Cool Facts About Ralph Lauren, More

Meghan Blalock

chrissy teigen Links To Click: Chrissy Teigens Pre Wedding Xanax, 25 Cool Facts About Ralph Lauren, More

1. Well, at least she’s honest. Chrissy Teigen will be taking Xanax before her wedding to John Legend. [Beauty High]

2. File this under truly baller: Ralph Lauren had a sporting magazine named Polo shut down in 1999 because it used the term… polo. [Complex]

3. Prince Harry hung out with New Jersey’s Chris Christie. Jokes were made, laughs were had. [People]

4. BeyoncĂ© apologized to fans for rescheduling her show in Belgium, saying she “feels much better now.” [BeyoncĂ©]

5. First look: Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. Thoughts? [The Hollywood Reporter]

6. Celebrities reveal their must-have beauty products. On the list: Blake Lively’s favorite acne buster. [Daily Makeover]

7. Did Marc Jacobs orchestrate this? There’s a new really skinny Diet Coke machine, called the Slender Vender, that will fit pretty much anywhere. [Adverblog]

8. Poor Kanye. His $750,000 Lamborghini got crushed between Kim Kardashian’s gates. You can’t make this up. [The Vivant]