Lingerie Miami: Going Sexy for a Cause


Renata Mutis Black, founder of Lingerie Miami, with Rachel Hunter

According to the various menfolk in my life, there are few things sexier in life than a girl in a good piece of lingerie. Unless, of course, said girl happens to have a kind, charitable heart of gold to go along with it. Well, if you’re in Miami this weekend, the sunshine state has just the thing to help you cover those two all-important bases.

Lingerie Miami, a charity event benefitting global microfinance organizations that help women who earn less than $1 a day, is officially debuting on February 7th (this Saturday). With Eva Longoria Parker as the host and Veronica Webb as the MC, along with a plethora of other celebrities planning to attend, the event is set to pack some serious star power. And best of all, Renata Mutis Black, founder of Lingerie Miami, along with the 7Bar Foundation have locked down a few of the best lingerie brands out there to participate in the fashion show segment of the evening: Agent Provocateur will present their collection along with new couture pieces from Carine Gilson and Fifi Chachnil.

Now you can scope out your next lingerie purchase and do the world some good, all at the same time. I’d say that’s pretty hard to beat.

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Eva Longoria-Parker and Veronica Webb, the hosts of the evening.