Lindsey Wixson Gets Freaky In Flannel For Terry Richardson

Spencer Cain
Lindsey Wixson Gets Freaky In Flannel For Terry Richardson
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Many dismiss famed fashion and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson as a pervy old dude, but in my opinion, this just couldn’t be a larger departure from the truth. I’m crazy about Terry’s work, and he may or may not be my favorite person (okay, after Jared Leto!).

Anyway, Terry works with a series of regulars, and he’s always at his best when he’s comfortable with his, er, subjects (not to bring him up two times in a matter of two sentences, but HELLLLLLOOOO, Jared Leto!). One of Terry’s most photographed models is gap-toothed goddess Lindsey Wixson.

Today, Mr. T took to his Tumblr to show off his latest shots of the beautiful Wixson, who appears to be wearing a red flannel very similar to Terry’s trademark shirt. Also, her lipstick is schmeared more than my own after a buffet dinner and a couple martinis at Sizzler. Basically, she looks like a freak. But a hot freak.

Check out the gallery above for Terry’s latest work.

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