Lindsay Lohan’s First Post-Rehab Job: Blogging About Rehab

Spencer Cain

What do you do when you’re an incredibly controversial 26-year-old starlet who’s notoriously difficult on movie sets and you want a new job after your court-ordered 90 days in rehab? Well, it’s the 21st century—and that means only thing: You blog about it!

Page Six reports that Lindsay Lohan will be following up her stay this summer at the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach with a gig blogging for website Celebuzz about lessons she’s learned. Her ultimate goal would apparently be to “launch her own site with her musings on art, fashion, music and movies.” Frankly, the move doesn’t seem too off the mark for the actress—Lohan definitely considers herself an authority on the arts (see: Her former Twitter bio, which stated that she was an “artist of many things”).

In case you aren’t familiar with Celebuzz, the website actually has a bunch of high-profile celebrities on their payroll: it counts all of the Kardashians’ highly trafficked blogs on its roster, for example. So, it’s not surprising that they would reach out to an actress like Lohan. Their consultant, A.J. Daulerio, former Gawker editor and rumored boyfriend of infamous beauty editor-turned-author Cat Marnell, states that they’re waiting for the “official grooming session” regarding Lohan’s blog, so he has yet to officially confirm it—but we think it’s fair to say that everyone has high hopes.

What do you think of her post-rehab gig?