What NOT to Wear to a Wedding, Courtesy of Lindsay Lohan

Over the years, Lindsay Lohan‘s delivered more than a few lessons about what not to do in life (driving under the influence, anyone?), but her latest faux-pas is a doozy—even by LiLo standards.

While celebrating the nuptials of two friends over the weekend, Lohan posted a selfie to Instagram that showcased her outfit. Instead of wearing, you know, an understated midi dress or printed maxi, Lindsay broke the cardinal rule of wedding-guest attire and wore a white gown. Featuring a silver beaded torso and a flowing stark-white bottom, there’s no denying it looks exactly like a wedding dress.



Not only did she choose to wear what’s essentially a wedding dress to someone else’s big day, but the starlet took things a step further and topped off her look with a glittery silver tiara.

We totally get that dress codes can be kind of confusing and, oftentimes, massively outdated but c’mon—who wears a white gown and a crown to someone else’s wedding?

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