Lindsay Lohan Sucked On ‘SNL’ & I’m P*ssed About It

Spencer Cain

I don’t know about you but I’d been anticipating this day for years (read: since last week when it was announced she was hosting). Last night, Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live and it was a complete disappointment — and the worst part is it wasn’t her fault.

Lindsay’s opening monologue showed immense promise. After all, Kristen Wiig patted her down for drugs while pretending to hug her — it was amazing. Anyway, after that it was one of the most lackluster shows I’ve seen in a bit and it made me really f*cking upset. Clearly Lindsay has no problem making fun of herself, and that was completely under utilized. The writers seriously dropped the ball here. I know it sounds stupid, but if Linds had played herself in every skit, it would have been incredible.

Sure, The Real Housewives of Disney was the best thing I’ve seen in my entire life — but we must emphasize the fact that LiLo was completely ignored! I know she’s absolutely off her rocker but she is a hilarious actress. Since the producers hired her, they should have taken this into account, don’t you think?

Many of her scenes were uncomfortable and weird, and in the 21 Jump Street rip-off, it was clear she was GLUED to the teleprompter. It was actually really embarrassing. Look, it’s hard to memorize lines but I guess she just decided not to. Oh, and can we talk about the musical guest? A friend pointed out that Jack White was seriously looking like Helena Bonham Carter — and I couldn’t agree more. Also, he was a completely mismatched musical guest.

Look, I had my share of giggles throughout the show. But the truth is Lindsay’s bangs were a big fat flop and so was her hosting gig. I only pray that the rest of her “comeback” isn’t so poorly executed.

But enough about me, what did you all think?

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