Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Jail In Polka Dots & Chanel

Spencer Cain

From the pages of Playboy to the penitentiary, Lindsay Lohan was just sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating her probation. Apparently, she now has to spend some time in the slammer as well as definitively finish up her community service work at the county morgue.

Whatever. Honestly, she’s 25 and totally off her rocker, so I don’t even care that she’s going to jail. What I do care about however is that she looks freakin’ amazing! The “actress” is not known for her court fashion (as you can see in this handy gallery I put up a few weeks ago), so it was a shock to see her conservative, chic and ready-to-get-sentenced in style.

The polka-dotted dress kept the cleavage under wraps, and her Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe pumps didn’t scream “hooker heels” as some of her previous footwear might have implied. And unlike the debacle of a Chanel bag she toted last time, this classic red pleated number actually complemented the outfit quite well.

All in all, a solid effort on LiLo’s behalf. Better get in the chicness now before she surrenders herself by November 4.

What did you guys think of Lindsay’s court look?

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