Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab: The Starlet’s Next Steps

Spencer Cain
Photo via Getty

Photo via Getty

After a three-month stint at the Cliffside Malibu rehabilitation facility, Lindsay Lohan is officially out. The 27-year-old starlet was snapped leaving Cliffside last night, clad in floral dress and a huge Goyard bag. Yes, LiLo has faced her share of hardships along the way (this was obviously not her first time in rehab, as you’re all likely well-aware)—but many are suggesting that with age comes wisdom, and that she will now remain dedicated on a straight and narrow path.

Of course, this is all speculation—but her choice to check herself in to a sober house today is certainly a sign that she’s on the right track. And she’d be wise to stay on the right side of the law: She actually has a lot of exciting projects coming up. On August 2, her film “The Canyons” (which has been delayed numerous times) will be released in select theaters (and some on-demand cable providers, too.) While the film initially looked like a silly campfest, it recently received a rave review from leading trade Variety.

Then, on August 5, Lohan will guest host “Chelsea Lately” and even interview a celebrity guest who is yet to be announced. Perhaps laughter is the best medicine, and poking fun of herself on the hit E! show will be exactly what she needs to reconnect with her former fans.

The biggest career milestone will occur when Oprah’s OWN network releases its eight episode docu-series depicting her life post-rehab. It will air at an undisclosed date in 2014, and is her first foray into the controversial world of reality television.

Clearly, she has a lot to look forward to and no shortage of employment around the corner. Here’s hoping she stays out of trouble—and wears some outrageous outfits along the way!

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