Lindsay Lohan’s New York Club Brawl May Have Started Over a Céline Bag

Spencer Cain

BfvVNew details have started to emerge regarding Lindsay Lohan‘s alleged club scuffle early Thursday morning in New York City. Last week, all the world at large knew was that Lohan had allegedly struck psychic Tiffany Mitchell in the face after an argument, but now it seems there may be more to the story: TMZ is reporting that that the cause of the fight may be something fashion fans all know and love—a Céline bag.

Apparently, Mitchell had approached Lohan and asked her if she could “do a reading” for the troubled actress. Lohan reportedly declined, at which point Mitchell and her entourage apparently retaliated by snatching the actress’ black Céline Mini Luggage Tote (the one pictured above is a large white version of the coveted bag). That’s when things all started to go downhill. According to Page Six, LiLo was apparently particularly fired up because the Céline was filled with $10,000 cash which she was reportedly planning giving her sister Aliana.

This isn’t the first time Lohan’s had an issue with a designer bag going missing. In Hawaii last December, someone snagged her Chanel bag that also contained $10,000 in cash. Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that it’s best not to carry five figures in your Céline handbag!

Psychic Mitchell has lawyered up with high-profile Hollywood attorney Gloria Allred, but our main concern, of course, is for the safety of that Mini Luggage Tote.