Lindsey Lohan Is Making A Music Industry Comeback & You’ll Love It

Lindsey Lohan.
Photo: Georgwenzel/Face To Face/REX/Shutterstock

Remember when Lindsey Lohan starred as Lola In Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen? Cause we do. She sang her heart out in the revamped version of My Fair Lady. Well, the former child star used to sing and record albums, too. Now, it appears Lindsay Lohan’s new song leaked, but it’s sort of amazing becuase that means she’s working on new music. It’s been ten years since we last had music from the talented red-head, but the wait is almost over.

Nylon reported that an Instagram clip of the 33-year-old singing a new song was leaked. And guess what? It was confirmed by the lyricist. The clip, shows video footage of Lohan in a dressing room. She has wig heads around her and is playing with her hair while she looks in the direction of the camera. Saucy! The clip mostly shows instrumental but Lohan does sing one, very telling line. The lyrics are: “I don’t like the parties in L.A.” LOL. Alright then. What a message she’s sending! Look, we don’t blame her. After partying in Mykonos, the parties in Los Angeles, CA probably pale in comparison. Many musicians and artists have talked about the vapid aspect of parties in the City of Stars, so we’re curious if that’s where this song’s meaning is headed. Who knows? Well, hopefully, we will sooner rather than later.

Songwriter Jesse Saint John, who has worked with other stars, such as Britney Spears and Camila Cabello, took to Twitter after that video of Lohan leaked. Saint John wrote, incomingggggg” along with some winky face emojis. So essentially, it’s confirmed.

Saint John worked with Lizzo on her wildly popular “Truth Hurts,” so if Lohan’s new song is anything like that, we’re guessing she’s going to be pretty successful! The twitter world is already full of excited fans: