That Was Fast: Lindsay Lohan and Matt Nordgren Have Reportedly Broken Up

Megan Segura

Madonna and Steven Klein secretprojectrevolution

That was fast! Just as we were beginning to learn more about Lindsay Lohan‘s rumored boyfriend Matt Nordgren (whom she started dating, like, a week ago) reports are surfacing that the two have already broken up.

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“Their work schedules and the distance just make dating impossible,” a source told Us Weekly.

Hmm. Aside from the docu-series LiLo’s shooting for OWN, we’re curious to know what type of “work schedule” is keeping the starlet so busy. Maybe it’s all her social commitments? On Tuesday night, Lohan showed up to a party celebrating Madonna’s 17-minute short “filmsecretprojectrevolution” alone, supporting rumors that she’s single.

RIP Matt, but look at the bright side: We all know who you are now! So, we guess it’s onto the next for Lohan, and we kind of can’t wait to see who her next victim boyfriend will be.

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